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Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Jessi- 

As an Iowa native I'm so proud to serve the beautiful community of Des Moines!

A bit about me-

I'm a thrift shopping enthusiast; the joy of finding the perfect vintage jacket is unmatched! lol My favorite things through the summer are camping, traveling and all the fantastic festivals that come to our city (especially the Art Festival!) 

I love all things fantasy. From ancient mythology, folklore to Tolkien, I draw inspiration from old stories about mysterious figures, villans and heros. I love to incorporate these elements into my photography and editing. With that in mind Forest Folk Photography seemed to be a fitting name.  

I want your photos to tell your story. The connection between your loved ones or the confidence you carry on your own. 

All images are painstakingly hand edited, giving you a final image that will look amazing on your social media, or a gorgeous piece of art for your home. 

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