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Styling Your Photo Shoot- What do I Wear to my Upcoming Photo Shoot?

What do I wear to my upcoming photo shoot? This is a question I get asked a lot!

Finding the right outfit is going to make a big difference in the final photos. Decide what look you're going for. Do you want warm, cool or neutral tones?

"What should my spouse/family wear? is another common question. You don't want everyone in your party to match, but you don't want the colors to look out of place either. If one person is wearing a really bold color, I'd suggest everyone else wear tones in that same color palate or neutrals. If mom is wearing bright yellow, the kids and spouse could wear white or cream.

For a maternity photo shoot I say go all out! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, empowered and extra! You're maybe one going to wear it once, why not have fun with it? Big tulle robes, long flowing fabric, lace sleeves an open back... Whatever you wear, just make sure its something that is bringing out the side of you that you want to present in your photos. Remember, this is your day, there are no wardrobe rules or limitations! Wear what makes you feel beautiful!


Accessories are one of the last things considered but sometimes make the biggest impact!

The picture above was a maternity photo shoot. Amie wore a beautiful green dress that fit her perfectly. The dark green looked amazing against the beautiful oak trees she was surrounded by. I brought a white faux fur scarf just incase we needed something to dress these photos up; that one item really gave these photos the pop I was hoping for. The fur worked well with the bare trees, indicating its a chilly time of year. The bright white added some contrast to the darker tones in her dress and the forest behind her. This is one of my favorite photos to date and that scarf was the final touch that took it from good to great!!

A hat is another great way to add a subtle detail that makes a big impact. Whether you're wearing it or carrying it by your side, a hat can add the extra feel to the overall photo that makes it stand out. Personally I love wide brim "Rancher" style hats.

Flower crowns are a person favorite. I make a lot of mine by hand for my "Enchanted" photo shoots. Even something as small as a flower tucked behind your ear can change the mood and direction of the whole photo.

Remember, these are your photos. Photos are art! We can bring any aesthetic to life you can dream up. Moody, whimsical, stoic, vibrant, classic, farm house chic etc. Find a vibe or aesthetic that resonates with you and lets find the clothes and accessories to match!

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