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Planning Your Newborn Session

Updated: Apr 4

Lets capture every detail of your precious new baby. From the teeny toes to the itty bitty nose, every photo is a treasure. The newborn stage doesn't last long, lets create an heirloom you'll treasure even after they're grown.

Here are my top five tips for planning your newborn session!

Sleep Schedule

Lets talk about your babies sleep schedule. After they've been fed and they're down for a nap is usually the best time to take photos. We want to keep them as peaceful and content as possible. Lets find the best time that works for your baby.

Come Prepared

Babies often need fed, changed and soothed multiple times during a newborn session. I don't limit session time with newborns as we're really just on their schedule. Some sessions take 2+ hours and that's ok, however, we want to make sure baby has everything needed to ensure they'll be comfortable. Plenty of extra bottles, diapers, clothes, blankets and spit rags are important. Any type of soothing items are great to pack as well. We can also play music if that helps put your baby at ease.

How Many People Are Included?

I will take some individual photos of just your baby, but a big part of your session will include you and other family members if you'd like them to join. If both parents are available I encourage them to take photos together and individually with the new baby. If there are older siblings we can get individual and group photos. I don't do a ton of posed photos with newborns, I want to see the love and emotion in your face when you hold your precious baby. Don't worry, I'll guide you to get the best angles, but mostly I want to capture the love and bond between family and baby. Feel free to bring grandparents and extended family as well!


Because we will be taking family photos, its good to think about styling. This can be dressy or casual, it just depends on the final look you're wanting to achieve. Clean clothes and washed hair is also an important detail that will make your final photos look their best. You don't have to go all out in full glam, but some detail to your appearance will make you feel confidant in front of the camera. I know after having a baby and some sleepless nights this can be a tough one, but I'm here to make sure you feel beautiful in every photo! You're in good hands, I know you're going to love the final images.

Lets Get Creative!

Newborn photos can be a lot of fun and we can take your images to the next level. I have a client closet full of gorgeous, flowing dresses that are made to fit all shapes and sizes. We can take photos of you with your baby in a gorgeous gown, or put your baby in a basket surrounded by flowers. Breastfeeding photos are also a concept that can be done in a very classy, elegant way. Lets get inspired and make your photos fun!

Reach out to book a consultation and we can make a mood board to bring your ideas and concepts to life!

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